Funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme, the NEXOGENESIS project has now been officially launched. The project kick-off meeting took place online on September 20th and 21th of 2021.

This meeting was the occasion for all the partners working on the project to virtually meet, present and exchange on the activities to be conducted in the project. WP leaders presented the planned work for the overall project and on the short term.

After discussions on the co-creation of WEFE nexus governance and water policy streamlining, biophysical-human modelling, nexus system thinking and integration, our case studies, communication & policy actions, we are ready to start this exciting project journey for the next four years !

We are pround of this dynamic team of experts from our 20 partners all over Europe and South Africa contributing to the implementation of this project.

Thank you to IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, our coordinator for hosting this well-organised meeting & to all our partners for attending and interacting during this great Kick-Off Meeting.

We are here to support the development of policies that will make a difference on managing our resources effectively !

Stay tuned to received updates on our tools and work done towards this goal !