Our consortium member Business Development Group, leader of the Romania case study organised on October 13th its second stakeholder’s workshop in Craiova, Romania. This workshop aimed at presenting to the stakeholders the first drafts of the conceptual maps and the WEFE Footprint and reviewing the conceptual maps connections, main policies and relevant indicators for Jiu River Basin. In total 18 stakeholders attended, both physically and online. Participants included national policymakers, academia and agriculture, energy, water management, river basin authorities, and representatives.

The meeting was a good opportunity for dialogue between different profile stakeholders sharing valuable information and opinions to refine the conceptual maps and discuss relevant policies and indicators. Also, some specific aspects relevant to Jiu River Basin were emphasized during the meeting such as sustainable water use, resilience through resilient ecosystems or the importance of accepting solutions that might not be comfortable for everybody. The meeting brought a wide range of aspects such as wording used in the dialogue proposed by the NEXOGENESIS project or the use of scientific data and self-learning AI to show the impact of various policies and how a consensus might be reached.

Stay tuned for the 3rd workshop!