On the 6th and 7th of February, Baltic Environmental Forum organized its 4th stakeholders workshop “Water-energy-food-ecosystem Nexus: from interlinkage modelling to decision support tool and stakeholder agreement for integrated management of the Lielupe River Basin”.

A wide range of different stakeholders from both Latvia and Lithuania attended this workshop. Experts from the national, regional, and municipal levels gave valuable input to this event. There were also representatives from farmers’ associations, universities, scientific institutes and NGOs.

The progress on project activities in the Lielupe Case Study was summarized and highlighted, and results of System Dynamics Modelling and an overview of land use modelling data together with other relevant topics were presented.

To effectively manage resources at the Lielupe River Basin and avoid conflicts between users, many relevant policies must be intelligently designed to address nexus interconnectedness at multiple spatial scales. The NEPAT decision support tool addresses these challenges and is one of the most important solutions for sustainable, effective, and intelligent management of water resources in the Nexogenesis project. During the workshop, the first version of this decision support tool was demonstrated and received valuable feedback.

We are grateful to all our stakeholders and experts for their commitment during these two intensive workshop days!