“Millions of potential options are narrowed to a few feasible packages” 

The Water, Energy, Food, and Ecosystem (WEFE) nexus is a complex system encompassing millions of interconnected policy combinations. The key question is: Which combinations are the most sustainable? 

Dr. Janez Sušnik, the NEXOGENESIS project coordinator, has written an article for Open Access Government, highlighting how the project aims to enhance environmental decision-making. 

“Through the use of machine learning technologies, vast policy combinations and their impacts on WEFE resource pathways can be assessed against many objectives and within different climatic and socio- economic futures” Dr. Janez Sušnik, Professor, IHE Delft 

This article is the first of three planned, showcasing the role of NEXOGENESIS and its contribution to the WEFE nexus. Look forward to the next two articles this year, covering: 

  • NEXOGENESIS stakeholder engagement process 
  • NEXOGENESIS use of machine learning. 

Access the full article here: Machine learning for water-energy-food-ecosystems nexus policy (openaccessgovernment.org)